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Your Best Mortgage Professionals In Dallas
As Published In
D Magazine (Dallas/Fort Worth), July 2013

Your Best Mortgage Professionals In Dallas

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- Bonnie Raitt. Better believe that last week's news gave us plenty to talk about.and even a few things to smile about. Here are the highlights.


Loan Officers in Texas

Donna Clements Boisfontaine

FCB Mortgage Partners , LL.C.

Only a person with good old fashioned guts, heart, and an unwavering determination to succeed would have picked up and moved to another country at the age of 18.

Yet Donna Clements Boisfontaine moved from Kent, England to Dallas without concerns. Two of her biggest worries were her sex and relatively young age.

However, Donna learned within another company how to market mortgages to people and started her own business in 1995 without looking back.

Donna considers her clients and employees equally important; and Donna knows her long suit is taking care of business and making sure the customer is happy. Donna remains cognizant of remaining flexible with smaller margins and lower rates to stay competitive.

She has another passion in Arabian horses, which Donna shows and races. And Donna plays the piano. She reminds people that organizational skills, hard work, talent, a willingness to take risks are all part of making your own business work.

Donna also says, "Listen to your parents. Don't believe everything people tell you. Get it in writing."