Model Home Leasebacks


If you have been looking for the BEST Investment opportunity in Texas, I have some great news!  Major Builders in Texas work with us to sell the model homes they occupy and they will pay you rent! Model home leasebacks are rare opportunities where you can buy the Builder's model home and then immediately lease it back to the builder for a secure cash flow until the community is built out. The builder is the actual Tenant. Many times they lease the model homes back up to 3-5 years! Model home leasebacks are one of the most secure investments you can own, and as a result, are also one of the most sought-after investment opportunities in Texas.

Model Homes are available in the following areas: Dallas/Ft Worth, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.

The builder leases the home back from you at closing! There is a written lease that spells out all terms including a 2 to 6 month move out notice! The builders will even help you sell it or rent it before they move!

Example: A $200,000 Model Home with 10% down leases for $1,583.33/mo with
all the POSITIVE CASH FLOW benefits below!

  • Taxes Paid by Builder
  • HOA Fees Paid by Builder
  • No Property Management Fees
  • Maintenance Paid by Builder
  • Repairs and Upkeep Paid by Builder
  • Immediate Long Term Tenant!
  • Reliable Rent Payments
  • Fully Loaded Home at Today's Prices
  • Homes are Meticulously Cared for at No Cost to You
  • Excellent Cash on Cash Returns
  • Easy Resale – Every Buyer wants the Model!

Prices range from low $180's to the low 300's. All will cash flow with as little as 10% down and should be an excellent long term investment opportunity for those that can act quickly and are qualified. Please fill out our form in the navigation and we will contact you. If you would like to be placed on a list to review the next model home leaseback opportunity please let us know when we contact you.